Our mission is to provide the highest quality of security for our clients. Our staff of professionals is comprised of Ex-Military and law enforcement officers and Licensed Security Officers, who work together with local law enforcement agencies. We want to provide the highest quality of security for our clients to give them total protection and full peace of mind. Create a safe environment at residential and work places.

We are a local company with extensive local knowledge employing trustworthy and experienced local people. We have achieved an unrivalled reputation for protecting families and securing businesses within the Texas – in short we know how to take care of our own! It’s about being available when you need us.

We hold expertise in providing our clients with guard training, security, event security management, bodyguards and security guard services. Our success lies in comprehending the client's specific requirements and meeting them consistently. Moreover, we guarantee a superior level of professionalism, discretion and confidentiality towards our clients.

Our services are being rendered by a team of experienced professionals who have proved their worth in both private and government sector. We hire our workforce on the basis of crucial criteria such as professional demeanor, attitude and ability. Further, we train our professionals at our in house training center. They are trained for two weeks under the guidance of ex-military and law enforcement officers as per the state directives. So, our security professionals are capable to handle any security situations.

Falcon’s mission is to build upon our dedication, loyalty, high standard, efficiency and excellent security service, to be the premier security service provider in the markets we serve, with a continued commitment to the following:

  • A foundation of integrity, reliability, and credibility
  • A team based family environment that allows opportunities for personal and professional growth for all employees
  • Proven, experienced, proactive management teams and support resources located at the point where service is delivered
  • A controlled strategy of growth that never compromises our ability to deliver the highest quality of service at a value to our customers
  • A flexible business approach that seeks innovative solutions and is adaptable to change in markets and technology

Our Primary Mission is to utilize Best Practices and drive Service Value to our client base, while protecting the interests of the United States of America. Falcon Security is a Full-Service Security Company, and provides both armed and unarmed guard services. We have also assembled an experienced management team, who are subject experts across a broad scope of Physical Security Principles and Practices. Overall, we are committed to providing both exceptional protection performance and proven service value to our customers.

Our top priority is to ensure the satisfaction of our Clients by responding immediately to any problems, issues or challenges, and providing meaningful resolution. Our Protection Professionals sit down with their key Client Contacts to ensure we understand their operational needs; assess their risks and vulnerabilities; and choose the right people and program elements to deliver the best Security Program available.

We provide commissioned and non-commissioned security officers and offer a variety of services to suit your specific needs.

We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and can be on call for emergencies or other incidents that may occur.

Our Team

We have an experienced team of professionals, who are well trained in different areas of guarding services, where they are required to perform. Our professionals undergo intensive training courses to endow them with the ability to handle all manners of emergencies and contingencies. Our team is composed of ex-Military and law enforcement officers. Our team members are always provided with the required facilities, to work contentedly and with ease.

Falcon Security recognizes the value of Security Professionals, with prior Military and Law Enforcement experience that are dedicated to providing you with unrivaled security service. Our combination of Security Professionals, with a broad perspective of life experiences, adds valuable expertise in dealing with the daily scope of security issues our Clients face.